What is True Dat ? A Global Community for Photojournalists and Visual Storytellers

True Dat is made for photojournalists, visual storytellers, photographers and citizen photojournalists.

True Dat is an all-in-one platform to

  • upload, organize, publish and share your photos easily
  • connect with fans and subscribers and make money through subscriptions and tips
  • connect with local and global media companies to sell / license your photos
  • connect with other photojournalists

We take care of everything so you can focus on telling inspiring, thoughtful and in-depth visual stories.

Join our rapidly growing community of passionate visual storytellers and ardent fans and supporters today.

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What is True Dat iOS app?

True Dat iOS app lets anyone shoot and share verifiable and tamper-evident photos and videos. Our built-in blockchain provides a 'one-click verifiable certificate' to prove that they are not fake or photoshopped or deepfaked. Every photo and video shot using True Dat app is a unique cryptographically-signed, verifiable and tamper-evident digital asset. The provenance (including the metadata and the edits in the photos and videos) and the digital rights of these assets are securely tracked and seamlessly transferred using our Blockchain. Our built-in AI algorithms detect deepfakes and other manipulations in the photos and videos.

True Dat iOS app is a truth machine in everyone's pocket, enabling a global borderless true photojournalism.