What is True Dat ? It is a Blockchain-powered Truth Machine for everyone

Any democracy is impossible without a common understanding of what is true and what is false. Everyday thousands of people are bullied, blackmailed, silenced and scammed online using fake photos, fake videos and fake credentials.

The number of fakes photos and videos being shared online is on a meteoric rise recently. It is getting easier to (i) selectively edit photos and videos, (ii) manipulate metadata and (iii) even generate fully artificial videos (Eg: deepfakes). Sometimes even genuine photos and videos are accused as fake.

More than 30% of academic and employment achievements are falsified to potential employers. Re-recruitment costs and losses in productivity are in billions of dollars worldwide.

We are living in a post-truth dystopia.

True Dat is creating a Blockchain-powered data integrity platform and the world’s largest community of organizations, universities, professionals, photographers, photojournalists, news organizations and media companies creating, sharing, issuing and receiving 'provably real’, tamper-evident and one-click verifiable digital credentials, achievements, badges, photos and videos.

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What is True Dat iOS app?

True Dat iOS app lets anyone shoot and share verifiable and tamper-evident photos and videos. Our built-in blockchain provides a 'one-click verifiable certificate' to prove that they are not fake or photoshopped or deepfaked. Every photo and video shot using True Dat app is a unique cryptographically-signed, verifiable and tamper-evident digital asset. The provenance (including the metadata and the edits in the photos and videos) and the digital rights of these assets are securely tracked and seamlessly transferred using our Blockchain. Our built-in AI algorithms detect deepfakes and other manipulations in the photos and videos.

True Dat iOS app is a truth machine in everyone's pocket, enabling a global borderless true photojournalism.